Lectures Downloads

Modern C++11 .NET User Group Austria, globalknowledge.at
Developing with the new C++11 features.
Sample Project: modern.cpp.zip
05. November 2013
C# 5.0 async Developer Day Austria, Hotel Bosai, globalknowledge.at
Understanding the new async language features of C# 5.0.
Sample : async.zip
29. November 2011
Using the MVVM-Pattern .NET User Group Austria, globalknowledge.at
Starting a Model View View-Model (MVVM) project from scratch.
Sample with UnitTests : mvvm.sample.testable.zip
Sample without UnitTests : mvvm.sample.zip
18. Oktober 2011
RESTful Services Developer Day Austria, Austria Trend Hotel Böck, globalknowledge.at
Understanding the new RESTful WCF Services of .net 4.0.
April 2010